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Save Me remembers Liberty. 



It takes a very special person to adopt a senior dog with special needs and medical issues. They open their hearts to a new family member knowing their time together may be short but fill that time with love and compassion and care. We were all very saddened to learn that Liberty has passed away. On July 4, 2014 one of our directors saw a post from a shelter we deal with regarding a blind and deaf senior who had been found at the side of a road in grave condition. Knowing that one of our foster moms would be the perfect fit for her she was shown this tiny girl in need and immediately said yes and named her Liberty. It took some time to get Liberty stable enough to come into rescue as she was in crisis from uncontrolled diabetes but in time she made the journey to Save Me and under the loving care of her foster mom and the expertise at Kingsdale dog Hospital, Liberty blossomed. Her coat grew in, her appetite improved and she adapted quickly to her new surroundings and especially loved being in the garden and the warmth of the sun. After two years Liberty was moved to a new foster home as her foster mom needed surgery. Before long Liberty settled in. Shortly after this move Liberty was adopted! It had been assumed that Liberty would be a forever foster but the perfect family found her and these last months she was doted on and cherished. Our hearts ache for her family and for her foster mothers who loved her as their own. Without rescue, Liberty’s life would have ended on that July day as the shelter did not have the resources to provide the extensive medical care she needed. Rest well sweet Liberty – you touched many hearts and taught us many lessons.


Daisy was found as a stray and was taken to the shelter where she was very scared.