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Levi has been adopted!

Meet Levi, an extremely handsome 2 year old Saint Bernard who is looking for love in a forever home.
Though he plays well with other dogs, this boy was ultimately surrendered due to his needs as a ‘people dog’. Despite living in a country setting with Invisible Fence and lots of room to roam, Levi required more stimulation than he alone could provide himself with large spaces – as is the case with most dogs. His former family loved him but felt unable to give him the attention and engagement he deserved, and felt he would do best in a home where someone was present at least some of the day.

His scale-tipping 165 lbs aside (he’s a big boy!), Levi is usually a gentle giant. He has proven himself excellent with young children, and is extremely affectionate. Unfortunately, sometimes Levi forgets his own size in bouts of excitement or play, and so his new home requires a confident owner who can work with Levi to establish appropriate play behaviour. As he matures, Levi’s awareness and ability to settle appear to be improving naturally; this combined with mental stimulation and a guiding person should help resolve the good-hearted rambunctiousness. Levi is not particularly high-energy, but he has had minimal on-leash time, so he may need a little training when starting on walks.

Given his size and long hair, Levi will be a bit of a high-maintenance dog. He will require regular brushing and will likely rack up a food/supplement bill larger than the average dog! He currently has no known health problems, but potential owners should be aware of conditions such as hip dysplasia in big breeds like the Saint. Levi has been neutered, and is up to date on his core vaccines.

Levi is essentially a non-barker; he is fully house trained and is accustomed to living very peacefully with cats. His search for a new home stems not from who he is as a dog, but from a family realizing their lifestyle was not the best fit for a dog seeking frequent love and affection. Levi wants nothing more than to be an equal part of a loving couple/family.