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Leo has been adopted!


Leo has been sponsored by Diana M.


Update: Little Leo continues to prove that having health issues doesn’t need to get you down. When Leo first entered into the care of Save Me Dog Rescue, his kidney values were quite elevated and it was predicted that he would not live much more than a few months. He has now been with us 3 months and is spunky as the day he first arrived. Leo had an abdominal ultrasound and follow-up blood work and urinalysis to monitor the progression of his disease. He was a champ for all of his testing. His ultrasound showed that he does not appear to have any functional kidney tissue which was confirmed with his urinalysis; however, his blood values had not changed much. Leo’s favourite things to do are play with the kids in his foster family, wrestle with his foster dog brother and go for walks. At the end of his busy day he loves to cuddle up on the couch with his foster family.


Shortly after sweet Leo came into rescue he had a few fainting spells which prompted an immediate visit to Dr. Kadri at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital. After a number of diagnostics and a thorough check up we were sad to learn that Leo has suffered profound kidney damage. Through a process of elimination it is believed this was caused by the ingesting of some sort of toxin prior to his arrival and there is not a way to reverse it. This in turn has caused anemia which would account for the fainting spells he was suffering. We are happy that Leo does seem to have stabilized and his anemia has even improved a bit. Leo is on a special diet and medications which will support his kidneys. Unfortunately due to the extent of the damage his kidneys have suffered he does have an uncertain future and has been deemed palliative. Leo remains a happy, playful, and loving boy who is enjoying life in his foster family. Although he is a palliative dog we would be open to adopting him to a home that understands his life span will be effected by his compromised kidneys.

Leo may have only joined his palliative foster family 2 weeks ago, but they say it feels as if he has always been a part of their home. Leo is a spunky little boy who loves life. He absolutely loves to play and be on the move, whether playing tug with his stuffed toys, zipping around the backyard with the family Labrador or going on his nightly walk. When not on the move Leo can be found basking in the sun on the deck or monopolizing the dog bed. Due to his health issues Leo does benefit from the extra TLC that he gets from a family that is home most of the day. Leo wears a belly band whenever not outside or in a kennel as he does have to urinate frequently and will have an accident if excited. As long as he is let out every hour or so, he is able to stay dry. He eats a special diet to help support his kidney function and receives daily medication and supplements as well. Leo’s foster family feels very lucky to have him in their home for however long he has left.

Leo was loving fostered (and adopted!) by Melissa