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Lenny has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness



Lenny, all in, is the epitome of a gentle giant. You would never expect an animal his size to be so very sweet and loveable, but from first meeting, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this wonderful boy. Approximately two years of age, he is a new Canadian originally from Tennessee. He has been fully vetted. Save Me has had all vaccines/preventatives updated, neuter surgery performed and micro chipping done. Definitely a Standard Poodle cross, it’s up for speculation what his mix might be.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has not been kind to dogs either and it is thought that as an owner-surrender, Lenny was purchased as an expensive puppy and not properly trained. Many people made the commitment to animals without understanding the full cost or responsibility of such an obligation and Rescues all over the U.S. and Canada are seeing them given up.

An active pup, Lenny has a long, lean physique and is very strong. He needs lots of room to run in a safe and secure space as well as multiple daily exercise opportunities. He is in the process of learning better walking habits. A halti lead and body harness have been helpful tools. Lenny loves the opportunity to chew to his heart’s content. He does not bother with plants but shoes at the backdoor are not a good idea!

Lenny is a very smart dog, as indicative of his breed. He is a fast learner, working on new skills especially his manners. Very food driven, he already ‘sits’ and retrieves a ball well. A commitment to formal training will be a requirement of his adoption. He needs very clear boundaries and has recently revealed himself as a ‘counter surfer’ so foster mom will no longer be thawing food in the kitchen sink.

Grooming is an important part of owning this breed and despite shedding not being an issue, matting certainly is and Lenny will need regular brushing. He is very friendly when meeting new people and doesn’t get excited. He also doesn’t bark or become alarmed with a doorbell or knocking. Lenny is good with other dogs but very curious and will try to bolt in order to meet one. He has displayed no aggression. Due to his size, a home with small children or elderly will not be considered. He has not been cat tested.

This fella is affectionate and displays traits of strong loyalty. With still lots of puppy in him, he loves to be goofy when playing with his toys and will mouth but is gentle. A good eater, Lenny is not picky about his food and does not show any food protection. He travels well in the car. An excellent sleeper, he sleeps a full 8 or 9 hours in his own room. He does not shown anxiety when left alone. He dislikes crates and is house trained. Oh – and his very favourite thing is to chase Squirrels!!!

Lenny needs:

1. An adopter who can offer clear, consistent direction and who has an active lifestyle.
2. Lots of room to run in a safe and secure environment.
3. A family where his size puts no one at risk.
4. People with larger breed experience or who will commit to training as Lenny is a big and strong boy.
5. Someone to love him as much as he will love them!

Lenny was lovingly fostered by Jenny