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Lennon has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Save Me alum Alfie


Looking for a cozy companion for the winter? Lennon is a super snuggly guy who loves to cuddle up on the couch with his people. This 4-year-old beagle mix is a super sweet and gentle dog. He is happy to sleep on the couch or play in the yard, loves his chew toys and getting belly rubs.

Lennon is a very quiet dog and prefers a quiet environment. Lennon does have some anxiety and will require someone who is patient and willing to help him overcome his fears. He is afraid of outdoor noises such as cars passing by, and indoors he is not a fan of the kitchen noises like pots and pans, dishwasher, etc. Sudden or loud noises startle him and his reaction is to seek shelter with his person for a little reassurance. He would do best in a home that is quiet and calm. We have noticed a big difference since his arrival as he has settled in and become more comfortable. He is easily reassured, calms very quickly and has started exploring all the nooks and crannies of his home on his own now. Because of his anxiety he does not do well in a crate, however he has been fine left alone for short periods when confined to a room he feels safe in.

Lennon is pretty eager to please and while he does not know any commands, he is only four and seems like he would be easy to teach. Right now he is very much still a playful puppy. He is a moderate energy dog and low shedding. He is extremely social and friendly, always eager to see us. He loves to be touched and cuddled. He has wonderful car manners and enjoys going out and people watching.

Lennon’s ideal home would be a quiet house with a fenced yard, someone who is home a lot, and someone who is calm and patient. He would be fine with other animals that are also quiet and calm. He will require someone who can handle his pulling on a leash as he is a strong boy!

Lennon is a very sweet boy that would be a really great companion for the right person…he is so kind and gentle with so much love to give.

Lennon was lovingly fostered by Lisa P.