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Lelo has been adopted!


Sponsored by Shelby F., on behalf of her beautiful Lainey and in memory of sweet Hazel.


Lelo LOVES her toys.. Click here for Toy Time Video

If you’re looking for a calm, gentle gal to spend your time with, Lelo is definitely your girl. She found herself in a Kentucky shelter through no fault of her own after being surrendered with two other dogs and a cat due to family circumstances. This new situation was terrifying for her and she spent most of her time sitting in her dog bed, not understanding what was happening.

Although she has made lots of progress since coming into our care, she remains a fearful dog who will require a very specific home, with experienced owners to fulfill her special needs:
– She finds young children intimidating and would prefer a childless home or one with calm teenagers.
– She looks to other dogs as her safety net and will need a well-balanced canine companion in her forever home. Although Lelo is good with cats, she would need a cat that was good with dogs and that would be wanting to keep her company.
– While she is gaining in confidence during her walks, her preference would be to have a small backyard of her own as meeting new people or hearing new noises can make her nervous.
– She is overweight and her family will need to commit to having her shed the extra pounds. This is essential to her health and well-being. IronWill Raw kindly provides her with a healthy diet that will hopefully help her to shed some pounds off. She loves it!
–  Currently, at night or when her foster parents are out during the day, she spends the time in her crate or her pen, but she prefers to get some well-deserved attention. She would love to have someone home part of the day with her… and wouldn’t mind sneaking with you in your bed!

We are convinced that will all these needs met, Lelo will thrive in her new home and will reward you with tons of kisses, snuggles, and tail wags as she has shown herself to be very affectionate in situations where she feels comfortable. Her favourite activities, amongst others, are playing with her toys and being brushed.

Leo was lovingly fostered by Jason & Marilyne