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Leah has been adopted

Sponsored by Irene K. in honour of Nancy K. and her Save Me dog Bo


Leah longs for a home with structure, quiet and relaxing so she can rest her weary head and heart.  Imagine losing everything you’ve known and lived for a large part of your life.  You would just want a safe place where you can be yourself, a place where you can play when you want, eat when you want and sleep when you want!  Sometimes these simple pleasures in life are not so easy to find for our 4 legged companions.  If you think you can give this life to a beautiful girl then let us know and we can make it happen.

Leah is a calm 5 year old girl looking for love.  Typical of the Great Pyrenees breed, which seems to be the prominent breed, she is a big lumbering but fierce dog.  They are awesome guard dogs with a big bark, fiercely loyal but soft and cuddly.  As she seems quite fearful right now, a busy city environment may not be the best option, so ideally a country setting where she can do her job; guard, or a quiet neighborhood with less hustle and bustle.  She is under weight right now and we are working to get her back to her normal weight which should be +-75lbs (currently 62lbs)  She is unique, as her speckles are everywhere but mostly those ears!  Spaniel maybe?  She has the potential to have a very thick coat but never quite as full as the Great Pyr but will still require regular grooming and does shed.

Her eyes make her look sad all the time but really its just a natural droop which can make anyone’s heart melt. She is dog friendly, not very active but would be protective.  Even though she is a large dog she is what I would call delicate and dainty, takes one step at a time and sticks close to your side.  Her walks are calm but she doesn’t like traffic and loud noise.  As a walking companion in a park she would be perfect.  She is house trained and if she could she would sleep in your bed….may not be any room left for you but she’ll be ok with that!

Leah was lovingly fostered by Dione & Frances