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Latka has been adopted!

Latka is sponsored in honour of Meg Edelman with heartfelt thanks for the many dogs she lovingly fostered. With love from Roz 🐶❤️


This sweet boy is an owner surrender. He is 15 years old and approximately 17 lbs. His blood work indicates he is in good health overall; however, as with all of us as we age, he has developed a few age-related matters. He has limited sight due to cataracts; his hearing is not great and his back legs are weak.

Despite this he has a very resilient nature, trying to go about life as normal as possible. He does know when he needs help and looks up at me in a very charming and forlorn way. Going down stairs is extremely difficult so he is carried. He goes up a few stairs on his own, but by the end of the day he waits for help.

He is slightly underweight but is gradually gaining. He does love his meals and treats. He gets along very well with other dogs. Cats seem to be an unknown critter to him but he is not mean with them nor does he chase them. He simply barks – several times.

He currently is living with 3 foster canine siblings and 2 cats. Latka integrated very quickly into our pack and within 2 days he was following our routine. He is fully house trained as long as he is kept on schedule. He does let you know when he has to go. He also lets you know when he wants up on the couch or bed. One would never know this little man had limited sight. He maneuvers the house as well as a full sighted dog.

Latka is my shadow and needs to be within close proximity. If he can’t find me, he barks. He does a lot of sleeping and gives a lot of kisses. He does like a tummy rub and to be cuddled but not for a long time. He loves to give lots of kisses.

His forever home should have limited stairs and they should be secured for safety. He will need help so his forever parent(s) need to be able to pick him up and carry him outside or up and down stairs or into the car. He does not do well left alone for long periods of time so someone should be with him most of the time. He does wander and can get lost so all outside places or the areas he will use need to be fenced and secured. A canine sibling would be of benefit but not a necessity.

This wee boy is amazingly sweet and very smart. He will make some lucky human(s) a loving companion.

Latka was lovingly fostered by Jackie