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Lara has been adopted.


Lara was rescued in memory of Garry Roy.

This beautiful girl is very calm, shy but friendly and very sweet! And, she is good with both cats and dogs! Lara could use to gain a few pounds, but couldn’t we all? She is tall and slim and has legs for miles. We have offered her all kinds of food, and she eats, but just grazes. She had a very long travel day on Saturday, so often it takes dogs a few days to become accustomed to a new environment. She has been out of the shelter for a few days, but still lots of changes this week (shelter, to vet for her spay, to temp foster home, a day of travel, and now in her Mississauga foster home).

She became instant friends with co-foster Betty and her foster family dog and cats. She is such a polite and sweet girl. She approaches slowly at first, but once she knows you are her pal, she will follow you around. Lots of tail wags and play for her! She is interested in the pile of toys, but being so polite, she goes slow. I give it 2 days before there are toys everywhere!

Lara slept through the night, in a crate along side her new pal Betty. Not a cry or a peep, and everyone ran outside for morning pee. Lara did have one accident in the house last evening, but she just has yet to find her voice with asking out.

She loves a walk. She pulls a bit, so we harness her. She is a bit of a puller, but there is so much to see and smell. She is a fantastic, affectionate dog. We expect her to come out of her shell a bit more this week. She will make someone an amazing pet. Would love to see her in a home with a very active family – runs and walks

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