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Lanny has been adopted!

Sponsored by Adrian, in loving memory of Clyde, and with love from Clary


Sweet little Lanny found himself as a stray, and eventually sent to the shelter where he was then brought into foster care. He has been quite the shy little guy since arriving. He found a warm spot by the fireplace and stayed curled up there for the first few days until he started to feel comfortable in his new home. You can tell that he does want love and attention, he’s just a bit nervous still.

He was neutered at the shelter and is still recovering from that. He has been a perfect house guest in his foster home, always going outside to do his business and quietly eating his food at dinner time. He has yet to make noise, except for the occasional snore during his naps. Although we don’t know much about his past, he seems to be a well rounded pup. He is fairly low energy, good manners (although he would like to share some of that good smelling food you have on your plate) and as cute as a button.

He does like treats, and could respond to some training with time, once he grows more comfortable with his people. He is said to be 12, but you would never guess. He moves so well, and likes to have a good wrestle with the resident dogs at his foster home. He hangs outside with one of the resident dogs, and explores the yard together before coming back in to have a nap by the fire.

He hasn’t been kept in a crate while at the foster home, there doesn’t seem to be a need. He is content to just snooze the day away on the couch or by the fire. He is even starting to come and greet the humans at the door when they come home. He has yet to bark, so he is very quiet in the house.

His foster home has big and small dogs as well as young kids, he has been completely fine with all of them. Even going so far as giving the kids some kisses! He really does just want to be loved.

With some time, we can see him graduating into a full fledged cuddle bug as he enjoys his senior years in a warm forever home.


Lanny was lovingly fostered by Renee