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Landon has been adopted!

Sponsored by Cailinn in celebration of her niece’s 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Penny!


It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Landon, Beagle extraordinaire!

Landon is the most gentle, fun-loving and curious pup we have ever met and it has been an honour caring for him until he finds his furever home.

When Landon first arrived to his foster home, he was quite unsure about whether or not he should be inside. He kept going back to the front door, thinking that his place should be outside. It is thought that perhaps he was kept outside at his last situation. We had to be slow with him and let him explore his surroundings at his own pace. He even had to be shown how to use the stairs and did so one step at a time, again at his comfort level. It didn’t take long though before he used them like a pro.

Landon was clearly not house trained prior to arriving to his foster home. If he was kept outside most of the time previously, that would explain why. He was kept on a leash for the first couple of days inside the home and made sure to keep an eye on him as much as possible to prevent accidents. The first couple of days weren’t perfect but since then he has learned how to ask to go out by pawing at the door or pacing back and forth between us and the door. When he did what he was asked outside, it was celebration time, we made sure he knew that he was the smartest dog in the world (he is) and gave him treats right away. He soon learned going pee or poop when asked meant extra lovins and treats and it didn’t take him long to be accident free in the home. It would be beneficial for his furever family to continue with the training at his new home so you both can have confidence in his house training.

Landon is a very loving, caring and gentle boy who loves kids, grown ups, other dogs, just about anyone! Landon makes strong bonds very quickly. On walks, he will constantly look back just to make sure his human is still there and he will follow you around the house just to be close to you. He will give endless kisses if you let him and when he looks at you with his big brown eyes, your heart just melts. Sometimes when Landon gets overly excited, he can display some “humping” behaviour towards his humans. This may be because he was recently neutered and it’s taking some time for the extra testosterone to diminish, it may be because he wants to test the relationship to establish him as the dominant member of the family, or it may be because that’s just the way he is. Although it is natural, it can also be very uncomfortable for the family member. We have found him an outlet for his overly excitable behaviour in the form of a large fluffy stuffed cow, we have nicknamed Miss Moo. In the event that he displays this behaviour towards his human companions, it helps to try to redirect his affection towards Miss Moo, put some distance between you and him or try to distract him with other toys. This behaviour should lessen as more time passes since his neuter.

Landon is most active in the mornings and late afternoon to evenings and so far isn’t opposed to being a lazy, sleepy boy throughout the rest of the day. He sleeps in his crate very well, but may need some encouragement to go to bed in the form of a little nudge and of course a nice treat when he’s in. He barely barks, in fact the most noise that comes out of him is his adorable snorts.

Landon is a chewer, so having many different types of toys for him is important. His favourites so far have been a t-shirt rope knot, a nylabone wishbone and of course Miss Moo. He would also benefit from and enjoy interactive toys that causes him to use his beagle smarts and inquisitiveness to get to the treat.

Finally, Landon would do best in a home with a fenced in backyard so he can run and expel energy, where there may be an owner that works part time or can work from home occasionally so he’s not left in his crate all day, every day. Due to his gentle demeanor, children of any age in the home are just fine, as are cats. He would be able to and enjoy living with another dog (must be neutered or spayed), however we would only suggest that once his humping behaviour diminishes.

Landon is a very special dog indeed and will bring his furever family so much joy, laughter and fun for the rest of his days. He deserves the very best because that’s what you will get in return.



Landon was lovingly fostered by Andrea.