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Save Me Remembers Lainey

Sponsored by Bobbi & Jim, in loving memory of Reggie, who was dearly loved by his parents Sue & Chris.


As the end of the year draws near we have another sad loss to share with our supporters. Lainey recently passed away after a very sudden decline in her health. Although the unexpected nature of her loss has made it even harder for her foster foster family to absorb they are comforted knowing that Lainey was a happy girl until her last days. The following was written by her foster mom, Roz.

We had to say a very sad and unexpected good-bye to Lainey. She started to suddenly fail late in the day and her rapid decline found us making the very heart wrenching decision to have her euthanized the following afternoon. Lainey came into rescue almost 2 years ago and we thought we would enjoy her for a short while until her forever family found her. Due to many different health issues over this time it was decided that it was best for Lainey to stay with us and we became her forever family. We are very grateful to Dr.Issam Kadri, at the Richmond Hill Animal Hospital, for the wonderful care he gave her which allowed her to have the 2 best years of her life. His compassion for Lainey, Howard, and I was of immense help while we struggled with the harsh reality of her situation.

Lainey had been a very abused and neglected dog who had lived her whole life on a chain. She was seized in a neglect case and came to us emaciated and with cuts and burns on her frail little body. None of this made her untrusting or the least bit aggressive. She was a sweet and gentle dog who was so grateful for a kind word or a tender touch. Lainey was one of the most endearing little souls I have known and we all loved her dearly. I am grateful to have been her Mama and to have shown her love and care – I wish it had been for longer. Rest well sweet Lainey.