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Lady has been adopted!

Lady is sponsored in honour of foster dads extraordinaire, Bob and Moises – love from Bowie and his very grateful family.



Lady arrived in to foster care and has done well settling into her new routine. She is a friendly little Beagle who rather spend her days curled up on the couch taking a snooze. Lady is very low maintenance and doesn’t expect much out of life: a full belly, a few walks during the day and a cozy bed to snuggle in to.

Lady is smart and knows her basic commands. She comes when called, understands “in” and “out”, knows “up” and “down”, and often obeys when told “leave it”. I would say that Lady is house trained. She hasn’t had any accidents in her foster home and will go to the side door to be let out. She is a bit stubborn when it’s cold, wet and dreary outside – sometimes holding her bladder until she is good and ready. Dressing her up in a warm coat has helped in that department. Lady does well on leash and harness. She enjoys stopping to sniff here and there but can keep up the pace with the other dogs. She has a high prey drive – making a great guard dog against pesky squirrels and roaming cats. Lady does well when meeting other dogs outside of the home. She is always excited to greet other canines and humans, especially men. She adores human male companionship! Lady is a well-behaved dog who isn’t destructive when left alone. She either remains in bed enjoying a good nap or is at the window watching the world go by. She is a vocal dog and will bark when she hears the car pull up into the driveway or if someone is at the door. Lady is not a fan of being in a crate and will find ways to escape. She does really well in the car and will sleep during lengthy road trips. She is crated while travelling with little protest.
Her personality is super friendly. She loves all and loves being loved. Lady is socialized when it comes to other dogs but doesn’t always agree to them being her space. She currently resides in a home with other canines and will sometimes get after them to leave her be.

Lady’s ideal forever home would be free of cats, other dogs and children. She would do well in a quiet home with owners who are laid back with a low-medium activity level. Owners who are around most of the day and will take her for several walks, provide her with a warm place to sleep and a full belly.

Lady is currently in rehab as we wait for her to have dental work done. She is accepting application at this time.

Lady was lovingly fostered by Jennifer