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Save Me Remembers Lady

Sponsored by Chewbacca and Elvira, and their mom Heather


We are saddened to hear about the passing of Lady. Although her time with her mom and family was too short, they showed her a lifetime of love and happiness.

Here is a note from her about about sweet Lady.

“With heartbreak and sadness my Lady passed away yesterday Friday, at home with me. She was surrounded by love of my grandsons. She developed aggressive lymphoma.

I thank you for letting me adopt this loving, sweet, friendly dog. She had a wonderful soul. Everyone she met adored her. My vet Cindy; had special heart for her and has helped me through this difficult time. The time we had together was very special and she made me so happy, wish I’d had her longer. She loved her walks, parks, visiting and best little traveller in car-which I will miss terribly. She was a strong little girl to the end. I’m sending pictures in her memory, hope they come through. Thank you for your rescue service, very rewarding , thanks to all involved in her rescue that brought her joy to my home ❤️”