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Kylie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Alfie, Heather, Stacey, David, Jonah and Dalia in loving memory of our wonderful “Stains” who will hold a very special place in all our hearts.


Kylie is a very charming young lady. She is a beagle and terrier mix, but she looks so much like a little tiny yellow lab. She has a happy and friendly personality.

She quiet in the house, enjoys cuddling up on your lap and will even sneak in a kiss or two. She has caught on to her house training really well, her foster mom reminds her throughout the day to go out and do her business.

She seems to really enjoy interacting with the neighbours kids and is quite entertained by them running around in the backyard. She seems more interested with human interaction then she does toys.

Kylie is still learning on the leash. She is enthusiastic about meeting people on walks and will let out a bark or two and her tail goes crazy! She connects well with her foster home and is quick to learn verbal cues and is easily directed.

As part of our vetting standards, Kylie was tested for several things when she came into care, things such as heart worm, Lyme disease to name a few. Kylie did test positive for Erhlichia, which is a tick borne disease. Kylie was treated for this with a course of Doxycycline, as directed by our veterinarians.

She is an ideal companion, affectionate and calm. ​Kylie does well with other dogs and is currently living with a cat in her foster home.


Kylie was lovingly fostered by Rose