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Kye has been adopted!

Sponsored by Julie B., in loving memory of Abby Thompson


Kye, the little bundle of joy!

This little guy is only 1 year old, but has had a pretty tough start at life coming from a hoarding situation, however he doesn’t show it. He’s just a bundle of energy and silliness and wants all the cuddles and attention you can give. Being a chihuahua/pug/doxie mix, he is the perfect sized lap dog for snuggles with some of the quirkiness of a chihuahua (like diving under pillows and blankets) He has a mix of puppy eyes, but a small under bite that gives him an old man face, big floppy ears that are as soft as velvet, but seem to have a mind of their own and go all over the place. Whats not to love?!?! Outside he runs and frolics around, jumping like a deer across the yard, enjoying his new found freedom. But then quickly comes back to you to make sure he isn’t going to be left alone.

Up until this point he hasn’t had much in the way of training or guidance, so he is definitely a work in progress. Over the past few days living with his foster family and their dogs he has already shown quite an improvement in behaviour. He is following the other dogs in the house and taking cues on how to be a dog. He actually likes to play fetch! He is used to being around other dogs, so isn’t bothered with having them around. (Cats unknown) He has started to be curious with the other dogs in his foster home now and trying to interact. Kye is mostly house trained, but does require someone to come outside with him to do his business. He does walk well on the leash, which seems to be because he just wants to be close to you.

He isn’t used to getting attention, so he is in overdrive and basking in every snuggle he can get, however he is at risk of separation anxiety and needs an owner who could work with him to keep it in check. He’s new to routine and manners and would do great with another dog in the house to show him the ropes. He is a happy little guy who would be great with just adults to snuggle with all day, but also doesn’t mind being around kids either that can play with him and keep him occupied.

Kye is attached his chosen human, his foster mom, he follows her (under foot) around the house 24/7 and needs to be in the same room at her feet. Jumps on her lap as soon as she sits down and generally just wants to be near her. He uses her as comfort and reassurance. As time goes by, he is calming down and able to relax enough to nap (on the floor beside her) when his foster mom is staying in one room. He is slowly becoming more confident to leave her side to investigate and attempt to play with the other dogs, but will quickly come back to her side if he thinks she’s leaving. He does bark when left home, but will eventually calm down. It would be best if he was in a home where someone would be home more than not as to not increase his anxiety

He really is a one of a kind little pup, and will make someone a very loyal companion as he gets older.

Kye was lovingly fostered by Renee