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Ky has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marcy in honour of Debra’s birthday.



Meet Ky!

Ky came from Tennessee and everyone along the way fell in love with her. Ky is a fun loving, energetic pup who is curious and endearing. She is a big cuddle bunny and will give kisses if allowed.

Ky loves to go for walks but also can entertain herself. A few days ago, I (foster mom) caught Ky tossing toys around and having a great time. She goes into the toy box, selects a toy and then proceeds to play toss with it.

Ky loves going to dog parks and running around with the other dogs. She is not afraid of the big ones and gentle with the little ones. Ky’s foster home has a cat (Yoshi-the cat from hell) that is constantly trying to beat up on her and although Ky does dish it back at Yoshi, she does it gently.

Ky is house trained although she doesn’t love going to the bathroom while on a leash, preferring the backyard or dog park. She is getting to know her name, mostly sits upon command and is a smart dog.

Ky is definitely food driven and has never seen a treat she did not like except vegetables but seriously, who can call vegetables a treat.

Ky loves her crate and sees it as a quiet place and bedroom and not as a punishment. She is not a barker and I have only heard her bark twice since she arrived. As well, Ky sleeps through the night from 8-10 hours at a time.

Whoever adopts Ky should be active and maybe prepared to take her to some training sessions as she is still young and would benefit from training especially learning to walk without pulling on the leash(she is improving).

Ky was lovingly fostered by Debra