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Kramer has been adopted!

Kramer is sponsored in honour of Maria Pellegrino with our profound appreciation for all she does for Save Me.



Kramer came to his foster home a couple months ago, as a very sick puppy. Kramer had pneumonia, was dehydrated and had ear infections. Kramer had to spend a few days and nights in the hospital until he was able to eat on his own. When he came home, Kramer was on medication for a couple more weeks to help completely clear the pneumonia and the residual cough that came along with it.

Kramer is now a happy, curious, fun loving puppy. He is nervous when he first meets people. Kramer is also nervous about getting into the car, but once he is in the car, he is happy to go where ever you go.
Kramer LOVES toys and has them scattered all over the house and yard every day for his foster mom to clean up.

Kramer gets along well with dogs his size and smaller. He will run around the yard or wrestle with them, then will crash on his favourite bed for a quick nap. Kramer’s manners need to be continually worked on, he does know how to sit, but believes all the treats should be for him and should not have to share with his foster brothers and sisters. Kramer loves to snuggle with his humans and gets very excited when they come home. Kramer, now that he is feeling better, is showing his true puppy personality, he does like to collect anything he can find on the floor like shoes or socks. Kramer needs to go to a home with lots of his own toys to play with so he does not play with anything that is not his and could potentially swallow. Kramer’s foster brothers and sisters, along with the neighbours dog, have taught Kramer to bark. He wants everyone to know that someone is in the yard or coming in the front door. Kramer is not crate trained and he is left loose with the other dogs in the house when his humans are not home. Kramer’s foster parents would not consider him high energy. Medium would best describe his energy level.

Now that Kramer has completed all his medication, he will need to go to the vet for one more final check up to make sure he gets the vet’s ok to be adopted.

Could you provide a loving, home for Kramer ?

Kramer was lovingly fostered by Carey