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A note from Koko’s foster mom: Upon meeting her she was vocal, she has a very loud bark that could easily scare those who are not too familiar with dogs. However after a quiet gentle approach she was quickly wagging her tail and prancing around my kitchen. She was eager to meet our dogs, I had them separatedthrough the gate. Even though one of them growled and barked at her she was wagging her tail and not distressed in any way. She gets along FANTASTIC with Bailey and Max, but I do not let her play with the growler as it distresses him.

She has been fine with the cats, she pretty much ignores them at the moment. She loves the toddlers, but will bark constantly at the older boys as well as my husband, to me it seems very clear she has been mistreated by a man or teenage boy (or both). Even though she did not bite them or nip at them she is fearful of them and barks at them to get them away from her. My boys are very experienced with dogs but they are nervous around her now, because as much as they quietly sat in the floor following my directions to speak softly Koko persistent far more than normal with loud, aggressive barking.

While they have been at school all morning Koko has been a very quiet, happy content girl. She loves to play tag with Max and is a very lovely and loveable girl. At this rate, I do think it would be best for her to go to a home who are well experienced dog owners. I think she will learn to trust boys, but it will take a bit of time and patience. She should not go into an apartment or attached him (townhouse) as she is so nervous of strangers I can only imagine the fear she would have to be surrounded buy a lot of coming and going.

She slept great in the crate (I didn’t want to let her roam as apparently she chews when bored or distressed). She happily went in the crate and it is a comfort place for her, she never barked to get out. When I let her out for a pee this morning she was very happy. She has a great disposition really. I have great hopes for her. Not only is she gorgeous, but for the right family she will be a fantastic addition.