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Koko is adopted!

Sponsored by The Allgeier family, in loving memory of their amazing lab, Clyde.


Today is Koko’s big debut!

Koko is a 10lb 9 week old female lab/husky mix. She is a feisty daredevil with no fear! Koko’s mom was around 60 lbs so she could grow to be as big as her and as for her father its a big mystery! That’s why we like to call them “Northern Designer Dogs”

Koko has only been in her foster family for a couple days but what her foster Mom does know is that she is full of energy, feisty, and loves to play. She does settle down and stay still for moments at a time. Its important that Koko’s future family will be active with her and it would be recommended that there be no younger children in the home. Koko likes to jump and nip at the 3 children in the current foster home and she is being taught that this is not ok.

Koko has been doing really well with house training and with constant monitoring she has managed to have all her poops outside, however we are still working on peeing outside. With some patience and perseverance Koko will get it in no time, she is a smart little girl.

Currently Koko is sleeping in her crate with her brother and sleeping through the night, however be prepared that when they are separated it will take a few days for her to adjust. Her forever home should be prepared for some sleepless nights.  Currently there is a large dog in the foster home and Koko is great with her and loves to chase her around, this is where you can see the no fear come out.  Koko is a sweet girl and with the right family and training will be an amazing companion for years to come!

For more information on Koko, please contact her foster mom Angela  at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!