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Koda is adopted

Sponsored by Scrubbles (Pet Wash & Spaw).  In honour of Berta, a big bundle of Chocolate, who opened our world and hearts to rescue.

Let me introduce you to Koda!
Koda is a 9 week old 13.2lb male husky mix, a big ball of fluff and if you can believe the nice vet lady told Koda’s foster mom he was under weight. So its important that his future family feeds him a high quality food and helps him gain some weight to a healthy weight and keep him at that. Koda’s mom was a pretty big girl around 60lbs and its a mystery who his dad is so be prepared he could get to be a very large dog. Koda’s furever family will need to keep him busy and well exercised.
A little about Koda, he is a laid back guy and loves to cuddle. He has discovered he loves to dig and Koda’s foster mom is trying really hard to teach him that’s not ok. Koda is still working on his house training, so far with consistent monitoring Koda hasn’t  pooped in the house, however his foster mom is still working on the pee.
Koda loves to chew and will chew on anything He can get his hands on even his foster families furniture. Koda’s  foster mom is teaching him this is not ok and redirecting him with puppy chew toys which he really likes. Right now he is sleeping through the night with his sister in the same crate.  Koda will probably take a bit of time to adjust when he is  eventually separated from his sister. So be patient with him, he will get it but you might have a couple sleepless nights to start.
Koda’s foster family has 3 young children and he loves to play with them and chase them. Sometimes he mistakes their fingers and toes for chew toys and still learning his manners on how to play with them. There is also a large dog in this family who he likes to follow and try to play with.  Koda’s foster mom hopes you enjoyed learning about him and hope his furever family is out there somewhere!