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Koda has been adopted!

Sponsored by Erika, in honour of her beautiful Nordic, Save Me alumni Opal.. paying it forward.


Meet Koda! Koda is a 4 month old shepherd mix puppy who has come to our rescue all the way from Moose Factory! He is an incredibly sweet puppy who craves human attention. He is a nice mix of playful and cuddly, and after a walk or a game of fetch is happy to lie at your feet for hours.

Koda is incredibly smart and is very in tune to his owner, making him a dream to train. We will be looking for a home who is committed to taking him for training and continuing to work on his socialization with other dogs and people. Likely due to the amount of change he has had in his short life he doesn’t have a ton of confidence around new dogs and people, so he will need a home which will provide him with as many positive social interactions as possible over the next few months.

Koda’s house training and crate training are both coming along well. Although he still does not know how to signal to let us know he would like out, as long he is taken out every couple of hours during the day he does not have any accidents. In Koda’s ideal world he would be with his person 24/7 but we feel it’s very important he learns independence so he does not develop separation anxiety. For this reason we will insist that his adopter continues to crate train Koda.

Koda would do well as an only dog or in a home with a very confident and well balanced dog to learn from. He is also a very gentle puppy so would do well in a home with older kids. With a little bit of structure and training Koda is going to grow up to be an exceptional dog and who ever adopts him is going to be rewarded with the most amazing companion.

Koda was lovingly fostered by Courtney