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Kinder has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sakshi, in loving memory of Tubbie


Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to be writing to you with my foster moms help! If I was meeting you in person I would be in your lap already and giving you lots of kisses, I just love people. I love other dogs too but foster mom says it is important that other dogs are gentle with me because I am small and need to go to the vet a lot because I was really sick when I was smaller but the vets are helping me get better now. My front leg is shaped a little differently (foster mom says it looks like a chicken wing) I cannot use it very much and it just gets in the way so when I am a little bit bigger the vets will probably take it away and I will just have 3 legs. Everyone was really worried about me when I was small because I have something called a diaphragmatic hernia this means that a portion of my heart does the usual protective covering and I need to be a little bit more careful when I am excited or playing. The good news is that as I am getting bigger, my hernia is not, it is much smaller then it was when I was really little. I will need to have surgery when I am bigger to fix it.
Even with my hernia and chicken wing leg I think my life is pretty great! Foster mom and I play games and go on walks. My favorite place to walk to is the playground because of all the children I can meet there. I really like kids because they always come and pet me. When I am ready for adoption I would love a family with some gentle kids that would play with me and give me lots of love. I like to play fetch and work on my training with my foster mom. So far I am really good at doing “come”, “sit” and “down”, we are working on the command “leave it” now. I really like learning new things and foster mom says I am really really smart. I also like watching tv with foster mom and cuddling on the couch. Foster mom forgets sometimes about my leg and my hernia because I act like such a normal puppy and make her laugh with how silly I am.
Durring the day foster mom goes to work and I spend some quiet time in my crate with a toy kong. When she gets home she is so excited to see me and always tells me what a good girl I am. I really am a very good girl, I am housetrained, do not nip or chew things and try very hard not to bother the cat in my foster home. The cat can be pretty grouchy and mostly I just try and stay away from her. Sometimes when she is napping I bring her some toys to show her how nice I can be.
I cannot wait to be ready for adoption and meet you. The vets and foster mom say it might be a while though because of the surgeries I need to have. I will be thinking about you though every single day and hope you are thinking about me too
Lots of love

Kinder was lovingly fostered by Alissa