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Khloe has been adopted!

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Khloe was originally a Northern Breed puppy that was adopted out through Save Me. Through absolutely no fault of her own (lifestyle change on behalf of the adopters) Khloe has found her way back to Save Me Dog Rescue 3 years later. It was decided to put her into foster care for a few weeks before she is available for adoption so that she can decompress and be a carefree, worry less, happy go lucky dog. With only 3 days under her belt, she has already begun the transformation!

Khloe is a super smart, loving and a very obedient dog who loves to run and play outdoors. Her recall is amazing and she is trusted 100% off leash when her fosters family walks her on their property. Khloe is a bit claustrophobic and does not do well in small rooms however she is trusted with free access to the house as she is completely house trained and not destructive at all. Khloe craves love and to be told she is a good girl (which she is!). As she becomes accustomed to her new environment she is less stressed and is much less of a nervous Nelly-she has only been in her new foster home for 3 days and has adapted to her new 3 dog pack with a few minor trust issues the first few days.

Khloe happily goes into her bed (which is in foster mom’s room) at night and will remain there until someone is up.

Khloe needs to run and would do best in a home with a big back yard or property. She would also do best in a home with a member of the house hold that would be home during the day with her.

Khloe just wants to be loved, she is not high maintenance, just likes to be near her person without ever being a nuisance. She is smart, obedient, respectful, playful and oh so very loving and the best thing about Khloe is she always stays close by, always has one eye on her person to make sure that person is always in her sight.

If you can offer Khloe love, time and a place to be a carefree dog you would be rewarded with a loyal, loving forever friend!



Khloe was lovingly fostered by Susan