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Khloe has been adopted!

Sponsored by Deb and Ken, in honour of Jack, our daughter’s blue heeler/Border Collie, on his Birthday today


Khloe is a sweet cuddly girl whose passion is playing. She loves to wrestle with her foster siblings or play fetch with her foster mom. When she is tired, she loves to cuddle or go to her crate for some quiet time. Khloe would be a welcome addition for the right family or person who would have the time to help her blossom and meet her full potential.

She is an American Blue Heeler mix, 10 ½ months old, weighing 29 lbs. and is in very good health. She is spayed and her rabies immunizations is current and she is micro-chipped. She is a quiet girl and not prone to excessive barking. She is definitely true to her breed and is extremely intelligent and needs to keep busy.

This sweetie comes to us from Barren River Animal Welfare Association in Kentucky, where she was surrendered by her owners who were not able to manage her. It is suspected she was crated for long periods of time. Shelter life for her was somewhat stressful, but her amazing personality is starting to shine stronger every day.

Khloe currently lives with her foster mom, four dogs and 2 cats. She loves human contact and tends to follow her foster mom from room to room. She gets along extremely well with everyone and is in no way aggressive/dominant. Khloe continuously engages the bigger dogs in games of tag and wrestling. When they are tired out, she tries to entice the two smaller dogs who are not amused. Mom is next and she brings toys to play fetch. Khloe is fully house trained.

She loves sleeping on the couch, cuddling, belly rubs and food! She seems to have a rudimentary understanding of basic commands and etiquette, but this needs some strengthening and reinforcement. Her leash walking skills are weak. She is able to wiggle out of her collar if she feels restrained so a harness is a must for walking her, which she seems to prefer. With practice and training she will get better with her walking skills. She does love investigating when we are out.

Khloe is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly. She is very good at self-calming by going into her crate where she watches everything and comes out at the first chance of playing again. She is curious, yet very cautious of new situations or environmental changes. With coaxing and some help of her human she is willing to enter into a new situation. With repetition she overcomes her fear.

Khloe will blossom in a home where her humans have the patience and time to be with her, invest in training, socialization and giving her tasks to do i.e. walking, puzzles and playing. Agility training would be so good for her, if possible. A mature or calm home would be preferred. Older children or dog-savvy children would also be of benefit for Khloe as she is still in the puppy stage. A fenced yard is a must, if living in a house, as at this time, I believe she is a flight risk.

Khloe is such a treasure. She brings joy and laughter every day with her antics. I have no doubt that the right family will feel the same!


Khloe was lovingly fostered by Jackie