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Kennedy has been adopted!

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Please read the entire bio, including important medical information at the end.

Kennedy is a 1 year old Border Collie cross. We suspect there might be some lab in him as well. He is still very much a puppy in his joy of life and discovery of new things. He is super affectionate, and despite weighing over 40 pounds, considers himself a lap dog. He will only be happy in a home that welcomes him up to cuddle on a chair or the couch and to sleep at the foot of the bed. He is a very happy boy, as evidenced by his constantly wagging tail.

He is very good on a leash and loves to go for long walks, where he can explore all the smells. When he meets new dogs, he is always keen to say hi, and is well behaved when he does. He is a bit shy when he meets new people, but warm up fast. He is a big fan of car rides. He is house trained and neutered.

Being part Border Collie he is smart and has an active mind. He will need a home where he gets lots of stimulation and attention. He likes to be very close so will constantly remind you that he is around – do not expect to leave the room without Kennedy being close behind. He will get your attention by doing little love nibbles on your hand. He is also a big hugger. If you sit on a step, Kennedy will take the opportunity to give you a hug. He loves for you to get on the floor and play with him.

He is learning how to run after a ball and is not too bad at returning it, unless he has decided he needs to carry it around for a while. When playing ball with other dogs he is not possessive of the ball. He also loves a good game of tug using a chain of tied together socks.

He is pretty good with his toys and is not overly destructive with soft toys. Sometimes he feels a need to pull out the stuffing. For the most part though, his favourite activity is chewing bones and chew toys.

He is currently living with three other dogs and gets alone very well with them. That said, he would likely be happy to be an only dog so he can be showered with all the attention.

One of his favourite ways to spend time is chewing on a bone. He can spend a very long time lying in the sun or on his bed having a good chew. For Kennedy, a bone is like a stick of gum. You will often see him carrying one around the house. He will need a home that is ok with having bones out for him.
He will also need a house that has a moderate to large fenced back yard. He likes to spend time outside, free of the leash, poking around.

He is not crate trained and would likely not be happy to be put in one.

He is not much of a barker. While he will run up to the fence to see who is walking by, he never barks at them.

He has not been tested with cats or small children, but is so gentle, we think there would not be an issue.
As he is still a bit of a puppy, he will need training on being left alone. He worries when a member of the family heads out, so there could be stress when he is left alone. Some work may be needed in this area.

Shortly after Kennedy came into rescue, his foster parents noticed that there was something slightly different about the way he moved one of his rear legs and some hesitancy with certain movements. We had Kennedy seen by one of our veterinarians and had x-rays done which showed that he has very mild hip dysplasia on one side. Subsequent to this, we sought the opinion of the orthopaedic surgeon we work with. Dr. Levy felt that surgery would not be necessary for Kennedy and that he is doing very well and to continue to treat him with supplements. Since his diagnosis, Kennedy has been on a couple of supplements and the movements that he hesitated with such as an awkwardness when jumping in the car, have improved. Kennedy is a very active and happy dog who loves to run and play and there are no restrictions on him. There are things that Kennedy’s new family can do to help minimize issues as he gets older such as keeping him at a healthy weight and giving him supplements such as glucosamine Chondroitin and omegas such as fish oil capsules. It is possible that Kennedy will feel this more, many years down the road, and at that time he may benefit from an anti-inflammatory medication (as many older dogs do).

Watch this video and you can see Kennedy in action: Save Me Dog Rescue – Kennedy – YouTube

Kennedy was lovingly fostered by Bob