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Kelsey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet A. and her Save Me dog Kelly


Kelsey is a scared little girl, who came from a puppy mill and until now, has not had positive human contact. Kelsey is learning to trust her humans, she will walk around the house, she will let you pet her and she will sit beside you on her bed. If you approach her carefully, once she trusts you, she will let you pick her up. Kelsey is not going to be your typical 5 year old dog that you adopt. She is not going to jump and get excited when you get home, she is not going to shower you with love and kisses. Her life has been one terrifying day after another. She needs to earn your trust, she needs someone who is patient and kind. Kelsey deserves a second chance to be happy. She is a sweet girl, who looks at you with hope and fear in her eyes. She wants to trust, she wants to be loved.

Kelsey will eat her food when there are no humans watching her. She lives with other dogs her size and smaller and is great with them. She shares her food and bed with the other dogs in the home.

Kelsey will need a home with a fenced in backyard, as she is not familiar with harnesses or being on a leash. She likes to be outside wondering around with her 4 legged foster brothers and sisters. Kelsey would do best with another dog in the house, so they can continue to teach her how to be a “regular” dog.

Kelsey does sleep at the foot of her human’s bed and she seems to use the bed as her “safe space” . She has a crate, but the door is always open, so she can go in and out as she needs to. Kelsey is left loose while her foster parents are at work and she does well, she is not destructive at all. All strangers to Kelsey are a threat, until she realizes they are not.

Kelsey is in “rehab” with her foster parents, she is learning to trust and to be a “regular” dog.


Kelsey was lovingly fostered by Carey