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Keke has been adopted!

Sponsored by Julie and Manny. In memory of Amber.



Hello, my name is Keke! I am happy 4 year old “puppy”. I love car rides; I am 99% house trained; and LOVE everyone.

My tail is always wagging, and my foster mom thinks I smile too. I have lots of energy which I like to burn off by playing fetch. I am new to walking with a harness and a leash, so it confuses me a little bit, but I am trying and getting better every day.

I live with other dogs smaller than me and I do “ok”. They are also older than me and I do not understand that they just do not want to play with me. They growl at me sometimes, which makes me tilt my head and give them a “what’s wrong” kind of look. I love the snow and being outside running around in my fenced in backyard. If you have a treat in your hand, I will sit or dance when you ask me to, but so far, that is all my foster parents have trained me to do. I do like to talk to you, I have my own language and will talk to you if you are ignoring me or when you come home from being away for awhile. I have gone to work with my foster mom and did really well meeting lots of new people. Loud noises do make me jump and run to my foster mom for protection!

I get free roam of my foster parents’ house when they go to work, but they leave LOTS of toys and chew stix out for me to occupy my time, so I do not get into mischief!

I have met a few children and I love them too! My foster mom can give me a treat and take it away from me with no problems, but I know she is going to give it back to me, so it is ok!

Do you think you have a home that would do well with a high energy crazy girl like me??

Keke was lovingly fostered by Carey.