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Kayla has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ilona and Alex in honour of Cooper’s birthday. Happy Birthday Cooper.



A bit about Kayla:

She is not perfect (but who is! We are all imperfectly perfect). Her legs are recovering nicely from her injury but she will always have a different gait when walking (see below for more information on her injury and video to see how she has recovered).

She is a puppy. Full of energy, curiosity, mischief and love. We call her a sweetheart as she has the best personality ever. She is always looking for something to do. A bored shepherd is not a happy shepherd.

Kayla loves to play with her toys. Her favourites are ropes and balls (preferably ones that squeak and be prepared for lots of squeaking 😊). Stuffies don’t last as she just needs to remove the ears, tags and stuffing from them. For Kayla there is no such thing as too many toys.

Kayla is a big and strong puppy. . She is also very smart, loveable and playful. She figures out puzzle toys quickly (or at least how to chew them to get to the prized treat!).

Kayla likes to be close to her family. She will share the couch with you.

Kayla needs a family that has experience with dogs of her breed traits and personality and will not let her become the boss. We are training Kayla how to walk on leash as given her size and strength she could easily cause a fall. On going training is needed to ensure she has a job to do and keep her a well balanced dog. Kayla is a puppy and is learning her mouthing and jumping up are unwanted. For this reason a home with younger children would not be best for her or the family. Her family needs to include her in their outdoor activities to help her bond and learn how to be a loved family member. A secure fenced yard is needed to ensure she gets the proper exercise to burn off her puppy energy as she continues to learn how to walk on leash.

Kayla now lives with two senior dogs in her foster home who do not appreciate her playfulness. She has learned from them that life isn’t all play and resting is a good thing. She would do well in a home with another dog her size with proper introduction and same playfulness. She would also do well as an only dog as long as her humans are willing to engage in play with her.

Kayla has been left alone very little since in foster care. She settles in her crate after a few minutes of barking and waits till our return. A home where she is not left alone for extending periods of time would be ideal for her development. She settles in her crate around 9:00 at night and waits patiently until the morning to start her day of fun and learning.

Kayla has enriched her foster parents lives for the time she has been with them. Her new home needs to realize her transition will take time and patience but they will be rewarded with her love and loyalty.
Prior to Kayla coming into our rescue, she had been hit by a car and on the run for approximately two weeks after being hit. Due to the length of time between her injury and her access to medical care the window had closed on repairing the fracture. The femur in her right leg was broken and she also had some lameness and soft tissue swelling in the hock of her left leg. Because she experienced moderate lameness in both legs, the initial plan to amputate her right leg, was put on hold until her left leg could be further assessed.

Kayla was assessed by an orthopedic surgeon and it is felt leaving Kayla with both hind legs is best for her. Her left leg has healed nicely while she has been in our care and under restricted activity. Her right that suffered the break in the femur doesn’t slow her down but can be sensitive. She will always have a gait abnormality (which is hard to see other than when she sits down) and will not be a long distance runner or higher jumper, although she would love to prove you otherwise as her leg does not slow her down or dampened her spirit. She is full of life and energy.

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Kayla was lovingly fostered by Susan