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Katie has been adopted!

Katie’s medical costs have been sponsored by Marla T., in loving memory of her son Kyle.


Katie. Beautiful Katiekins. Beautiful, soft, shiny coat. I see lab in her, boxer and maybe some hound. She is a great mix.

Katie is a sweet girl that truly needed the help of our rescue. This girl was hit by a car, leaving her with a dislocated hip. She spent her time in the shelter trembling on her bed, with eyes that yearn for attention and comfort. Since her rescue Katie has come a long way. Her hip does not seem to bother her at all. She was spayed last week and it went well. An x-ray was done on her hip and it looks good. She is all healed up and ready to find her new family.

Even though nobody came to claim Katie when she was in the kennel, she must have belonged to somebody who loved her once upon a time. She is super friendly. She is house trained. She walks well on a leash and quite enjoys her walks. We have started to do a bit of running as well and she is all up for it. She knows her basic commands and listens very well. She loves her treats and will do anything for them. If her new owner wanted to teach her agility or new tricks, she would be so happy. She follows her commands very well. I can’t stress enough what a well behaved dog she is.

Katie is a bit fearful of new situations and she will bark if somebody comes into the house. After only a few weeks though she trusts us so when we tell her stop barking and reassure her that we are all safe, she will slowly move forward to meet the person. Usually takes less than a minute for her to believe that all strangers are now her best friends. We have been working on getting her to be less reactive when meeting new dogs as well. This is a bit more difficult for her. She does not like to be around dogs that move too quickly or approach her abruptly or want to play exuberantly. We have been giving her small treats when dogs walk passed us outside and that has been going well. She would like an owner that will continue to work with this reaction and get her to a place where she won’t be as nervous in new situations and people won’t be afraid of that deep voice of hers.

Katie would love an active couple. She would be a great dog for people who love to walk or jog or hike. She is extremely grateful for being taken out of that cold kennel. She will be a very loyal and loving girl in her new home. She has the run of the house now when we are away. She has earned our complete trust. Her and our cat spend the day looking out the window, watching the people go by and waiting for their people to come home to play. Katie loves to play fetch. She also enjoys throwing stuffed animals around.

I would say that Katie would probably do best as the only dog in your home but that is not set in stone. I think if she met the right dog and learned not to be afraid of them, she would love to have the company of another dog.