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Katie has been adopted!


In one sentence, Katie is a gem! While she is a little timid in the shelter, she shows no aggression whatsoever but we suspect she has had a bit of a rough start to her very short life. At eleven months old, she has already found herself in a pound, after all! Well no more.

Katie is an Angel.  She loves to hug and cuddle. She is a sweet young pup and is house trained!   She runs and plays like a puppy and is happy but unlike puppies she doesn’t chew and isn’t overly excited, actually quite calm.  Katie is a timid and shy girl in new situations but loves her peeps. She is a small to medium size dog, a great size for various living situations.

Katie will do well with other dogs but she really likes to be close to people.    She doesn’t bark unless she is excited and is great in her crate.  Waits patiently for you to take her out in the morning and settles in for the entire night.  She is house trained.  Eats well and has perfect little white teeth.  She is very polite and has wonderful house manners.

Her basic commands are sit, off, drop and down and she will come for a treat.  She is very polite walking on a leash, as she is sensitive around her neck.

Katie loves to play with you but is not interested in toys.  She’s good in the car, very quiet on the ride and will love to go everywhere with you if she could.    She is very affectionate with everyone, though nervous at first and will do well in any household though she has yet to be tested with children.  She is a low shedding dog and will be easy to care for.  If you are looking for a loving, affectionate and fun loving little girl, Katie perfect for you.