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Karma is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored by Jason, in memory of his beloved dog, also named Karma.


Meet beautiful Karma. This stunning girl is very happy to be out of the shelter. She tends to be anxious in new situations but quickly warms up to people. She prefers the company of women. The males in the foster home are giving her treats and praise upon approach which seems to be helping but she does continue to bark at them. We believe she is being protective of her female person since she bonds so strongly and it is in this breeds nature to look out for her people.

Karma is a big girl and quite strong. She does not pull on leash but will need more training to learn to walk nicely and stay in her lane. She loves her walks. If you enjoy running she would make a great partner. She has lots of energy outside and it helps with her anxiety to get rid of some of it.

She has a loud deep bark and will use it if she is feeling unsafe. When we are walking and she feels threatened, I have her sit and focus on me until the perceived threat has passed. I have seen a really nice change in her during our walks. She is not as startled by every noise anymore and sometimes we don’t even look at the other dogs and people that are on the street.

She loves nothing more than to sit with her head on her human’s lap. Snuggles on the floor are good too. She sleeps very well on the floor in the bedroom at night but she is always happy when I invite her into the bed to sleep. She is extremely loyal and happy to be around her people. Karma knows how to sit and shake a paw on command. She is very good at responding to her name when she is called. She is a smart girl. She enjoys learning and is a people pleaser. She is housetrained although it is not unusual for any dog to have accidents in a new situation. Her anxiety is quite high and I think she will be more focused to know when she has to pee once she settles down a bit. Karma responds very well to redirection if she is doing something she shouldn’t – scratching at a rug or sniffing too close to people’s food.

Karma has separation anxiety. She has been put on two medications by the vet. One is just short term to help with all the changes she has seen in the last few weeks. The other may be long term. When she is able to be more calm, she is able to listen to commands better and learn coping skills to help with her anxiety and fear. She becomes very anxious when separated from her people. She hasn’t been destructive but she will bark, pace and whine. We have put her in a crate a few times now when we leave the house. She does bark but she is quiet by the time we get back home. I am not sure how long she actually barks for. She would do best in a home where someone is home much of the time to help her work on developing more independence. I do not recommend an apartment or a condo of any time for her since her bark is loud. She would enjoy a fenced yard with room to run as she is young and energetic. She loves to chase a ball in the yard or throw around one of her stuffed animals!

Karma is good with other dogs though she will respond if they are aggressive with her. She has been curious about the cats and doesn’t seem to like sharing the attention with them.
We have had her around children and she did very well but because of her size and energy level, we would not recommend young children under 10.

Karma will require an owner that understands this breed and its needs and attributes. They will have to be patient working with her anxiety and help her gain confidence. In return, she will be a loyal companion and protector. If you are an active person who spends most of your time working from h0me, Karma would be so grateful. She sleeps beautifully under my desk every day while I am working. We go out for a quick walk in the morning before work. I take her out for about a half-hour walk at lunch. After work, we play in the yard for a bit. In the evening I take her out for a nice walk/jog to get her settled for the night.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only