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Karma has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jason, in memory of his beloved dog, also named Karma.


Meet Krama! A beautiful 2 year old Anatolian Shepherd. If you are not familiar with Karma’s breed or the attributes of livestock guardian breeds (LGD) please research further before submitting an application. LGDs are unlike other breeds of dogs and it’s important that Karma’s future home has an understanding and ideally experience with LGD breeds.

Karma is a stunning girl with a puppy-like exuberance which wins over everyone who meets her. When Karma came into foster care it was clear that previous to finding herself in the shelter, she had received very little structure or training. She demonstrated anxiety, had a very difficult time settling both inside and outside of the house and was reactivate to those outside of her foster family. Her foster family could see how much potential Karma had based on her willingness to please and eagerness to learn but they also knew she needed training beyond what they were able to offer her.

At the beginning of October Karma went to stay with Kyle Vivian from North Grey K9 for a 30 day board and train program. The progress she has made in her short time with Kyle has been incredible. Karma is now crate trained, house trained, has learned to calm herself in the house as well as in the presence of new people, has improved greatly on leash and has discovered that she loves, loves loves playing with other dogs! It’s been a joy to watch Karma progress over the last couple of months and to see her goofy and sweet personality start to shine through. During her time with Kyle, Karma has proven what was clear to her foster family. That she is a girl with endless potential in the right home and with the right leader. So much potential that she has recently begun helping as the “demo dog” in Kyles’s obedience classes and is often the dog he uses when working on socialization with his clients.

So, what does Karmas ideal home look like? As mentioned above an owner with LGD experience is preferred, but more important than that is an owner with a willingness to learn and who is interested in working closely with Kyle during Karmas first few weeks in their new home. We would ideally be looking for a rural environment, simply due to Karmas breed she does best with space to run. A home with kids over 10, Karma has met young kids in the past and was incredible with them (not surprising for an LGD) but due to her size and the commitment needed to her training a home with kids over 10 would be ideal. A home with another dog for her to play with would make her incredibly happy. Karma is deeply people focused making her a joy to both train and have as a companion. And although she strongly feels she would make an excellent lap dog, Karma will require an owner that is able to provide her with the structure and boundaries she needs to thrive. We know the right home is out there for Karma and we look forward to working with them to help set Karma up for a life of success.