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Kali has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of sweet Bear who for 15 + years gladly shared his home, his pawrents and his love with every rescue who crossed his front door




Kali is a special pup who is looking for a special home.

Kali came to us as a 5 week old pup and during her first few months we discovered that she is a very sensitive soul who needed a bit of extra confidence building. She’s had several potential adoptions fall through because people were not ready for some of the challenges of raising a puppy.. She is such a sweet, happy, loveable pup and deserves a wonderful home. She is one of those dogs that everyone falls in love with .

Are you familiar with working dogs/Northern dogs. She is a very active dog who wants to be with her people as much as possible. If she is in the house she follows you from room to room and tends to nap where she can see you.

Can you help Kali with her fear of being held too tight? We discovered sometimes she can panic if she is being held. She does great with normal handling, she was great at the vet, being groomed and getting her nails done – but it will help if you understand that she can be mildly reactive in some specific situations – not a big thing and not uncommon for her type of dog – just something to watch for. We practice holds regularly and am so proud of how well she is learning to manage her fears. Cheese and Peanut butter really help 🙂

Do you have another well balanced medium or large sized dog at home? Kali loves playing with the other dogs at her fosters and needs to spend part of her day engaging with another dog. She can be a bit overwhelming for small or timid dogs so a good buddy who would enjoy the attention of a puppy would be ideal.

Do you have a fenced yard with a shaded spot or a deck? Kali loves hanging out on the deck and watching the world go by. She is built for the north so finds hot days challenging. Do you like being outdoors – Kali loves hikes, swimming, exploring and is a good candidate for canoeing and camping.

Do you like puppy kisses and can you give belly rubs? – she is full of gentle kisses – and loves to be scratched and will flip over for a belly rub anytime She needs reminded that she isn’t to jump up – she just is so eager to be with you she forgets sometimes but quickly will return to “four on the floor” when you remind her.

Are you OK if she doesn’t want to spend a lot of time as a lap dog? Kali will join you for a quick cuddle but she can get scared if she feels she cannot move around and can overheat. She’s the kind of dog who will follow you from room to room and jump up for a quick cuddle and then head back to the floor to sleep on your feet.

Do you have a lot of socks or slippers lying around – Kali will remind you to pick them up! She loves her toys but she loves socks even more.

Would you enjoy learning about positive training – or do you already have experience? Kali’s confidence is growing in leaps and bounds – she is doing very well with her training and thrives with daily positive feedback. Her recall is amazing, she knows, sit and down and is learning to wait for her meals. She has a very active brain so having focus time every day means she isn’t getting into trouble by creating games of her own. We do a bit of canine enrichment every day and she loves that.

Can you be patient when she meets new people or goes into new environments. Kali’s can be worried around new people or things and she will sometimes let you know by barking or trying to hide. She’s been meeting lots of new people and going for walks in parks and travelling in car and having visitors and as long as we give her some time and space has gone back to her happy relaxed self. She needs to have confidence that her humans will keep her safe.

Are you willing to spend a bit of time getting to know her? Kali is very attached to her foster family and she will get just as attached to you too – but it will take a couple of meetings before that will happen. She being fostered in Freelton/Campbellville and her foster family are willing to have your visit a few times and will meet at your place too.

Do you have a cat? Her foster family has cats and Kali is learning to leave the cats alone but that is a bit of a work in progress – she cannot understand whey they won’t play. She is never rough with them but can be persistant.

Do you have kids? Like most puppies we recommend kids over 12 and in her case it is very very important that children can be calm and not get her over excited. Any interactions with small children will need to be supervised at first.

Do you enjoy grooming? Kali has a super soft fluffy coat that requires daily gentle brushing. She does well with having her nails done. She has had baths and done very well with a bit of peanut butter to lick while in the shower.

Do you think you might be the right person for this special puppy?

To support our Northern Rescue Partners, in their efforts to bring veterinary care and spay/neuter clinics to the Northern Communities, $50.00 of each northern dog adoption fee will go towards these programs.