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Juneau has been adopted!

Juneau has been sponsored by Georgia G. in loving memory of her dear rescue Shaemus.


Juneau is ready to find her forever home!
Juneau was born September 10, 2018 and comes from a Remote Northern Community way up North in Ontario.  Although she came to rescue with her other 4 littermates, because of her gentle disposition she is being fostered in a home that has a tiny pup so that she can socialize the little guy.
Juneau is a happy 7 week old shepherd, lab and husky mix.  She loves to play especially with the big dogs in her foster home. Juneau has quickly figured out the pack hierarchy and is very respectful of their space.  She is amazing with her tiny foster puppy like she knows that she must be so very gentle with him, she always lets him be the boss at playtime!   Juneau is good at doing her business outside, or if inside on her pee pads, it is very rare that she has an accident elsewhere in the house.  She loves to chew on her bully sticks, loves to chase balls and is just so happy to play with anyone that will play with her.  Juneau’s most favorite thing is to lounge on the big dog’s bowser bed, she stretches out and almost purrs with happiness!  We are working on crate training at night, it was very difficult for her leaving her littermates and she missed them tremendously, but she is getting really good about the night time crating.  Foster mom has her crate in her bedroom at night so that Miss Juneau doesn’t get too lonely.
Juneau has beautiful green grey eyes and is a very soulful puppy; though she loves to cuddle, she really loves her independence.  She does not bark, is not afraid of anything, but hates the cold, so she will whine a bit when she is first walked in the morning, but after getting over it she happily follows along with the pack.  Juneau is such an incredibly gentle puppy, she doesn’t nip and is a dream to foster, she waits for her meals, isn’t demanding at all.  She is incredibly smart and will be very easy to train.
Though we never know how big a Northern puppy will get, typically the average weight full grown is approximately 40-50lbs, she currently weighs 7 lbs.  The Northern breed are such gentle, smart, loyal and loving dogs.
Juneau has had her first set of puppy shots, has had her first deworming and is ready for adoption on November 4th.  Juneau is currently being fostered in Campbellville.

Juneau was lovingly fostered by Susan