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Jules is adopted 


Jules is a wonderful 8 year old boy who is very well behaved and would do well in most house holds. He’s very happy and likes everyone so would be good with anyone and most animals as well as long as they are not super large with lots of energy.. because he is a smaller guy. He does do his business outside but can have the odd accident here or there so consistent positive encouragement when he does go outside would benefit him.

He doesn’t seem to like his crate very much and will bark in it for a bit after I leave however that is the extent of his barking, he is very quiet in the house. He loves to play and get belly rubs and is a very happy little guy.

Jules does have bilateral heart murmurs which most likely will progress to heart disease. The vet has advised that he is not a good candidate for dental surgery due to these murmurs. It is difficult to know if/when this may happen but can be a few years. Currently he does not need medication but he may get to a point where in the future he will need to. A low sodium diet, a healthy weight and exercise will definitely help his heart.

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