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Judy Garland

Judy Garland has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness



**Meet Little Judy Garland! 🌟**

Age: At just 9 months old, Judy is in the prime of her puppyhood and bursting with potential.

Breed: A lovely mix we can’t quite pin down. She has the charming appearance of a Bernedoodle, Whoodle, or even an Australian Bernadoodle, but whatever her lineage, she’s 100% heart.

Size: just 18 lbs.

Color: Judy boasts a beautiful blend of earthy browns.

Personality: As a young pup, Judy is the very embodiment of sweetness. Though she may come off as timid and shy at first, give her a little time, and you’ll find a loyal friend eager to share her joy. Watching her play and bounce with other dogs is nothing short of delightful.

Comfort Zone: Judy finds solace in her crate, which she considers her safe haven. With every new day, she is gaining confidence and discovering the joys of the world outside.

Training: Despite her young age, Judy is a quick learner. She’s picking up leash-walking like a pro and is bright enough to surprise you with her intelligence.

Perfect Home: Little Judy Garland is looking for someone with a heart as kind as hers. Someone patient, gentle, and understanding of her initial reservations. As a puppy, she’ll thrive with consistent love and gentle guidance. She doesn’t work for treats, but rather for trust and affection, making the bond with her truly genuine. She likes to jump and run so someone with a backyard would be ideal. She would absolutely flourish with a playful dog companion by her side.

Health: Judy is spayed and has all her vaccinations up-to-date.

A slow and patient approach will reveal a loving puppy companion ready to share in all of life’s adventures with you. 🐾❤️