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Joy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Carolyn P. in loving memory of her chihuahua, her sweet Momma Lil who she lost in February of this year, to Mitral Valve Disease.


This poor girl was found as a stray and ended up in an overcrowded shelter. She was frightened and would cower at the back corner of the kennel. Potential adopters visiting the shelter would come and go, always leaving Joy behind. As the months passed by it was obvious the loud noises of all the dogs barking, and all the anxiety in the air, was making her fears worse. She was now considered a Fearful dog which made the idea of adoption less optimistic.

Save Me Dog Rescue saw the potential in Joy. They believed if they could remove her from the shelter and into a foster home, she would have a better chance for a better life. And you know what? That’s exactly what happened!

Joy is a wonderful dog!! When I brought her home I was expecting the worst but it wasn’t long until she hopped up on my lap and melted into me. She just wants to be loved so badly.

She is good with other dogs. In fact my dogs are teaching her to be relaxed, and that everything is going to be ok. She sniffed the cats and walked away. She has zero food aggression. She feels safe in a crate, and sleeps quietly through the night. She loves to go for a walk, and get outside for fresh air! Her tail wags to tell me so. She walks well on a leash and stays close to feel protected. She is kind with children.

She is still a scared dog. If you move fast, she will shy away. She needs time to trust people. She is so sweet and just needs a chance.

Joy was lovingly fostered by Tiffany