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Josie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Deborah & Robert K, in memory of Lucy.



Josie is the sweetest senior you could ever meet. She is an older girl who has vision and hearing issues but regardless, Josie possesses the most loving personality. She doesn’t show any interest in play neither with other dogs, cats nor toys. Josie is wonderful with everyone she meets, be they a dog, a cat or a human of any kind – I believe she just enjoys being with company.

We are working on house-training, and it is going pretty well. Josie loves cuddle time, and appreciates a gentle lift up and down from the couch or bed. For a beagle she is usually a very quiet girl. She doesn’t bark when I come home, or to tell me she needs to go pee, but if there is food involved, she tosses her head back in single barks. It’s quite endearing.

Josie will not be available for adoption for a period of time as she needs to be assessed by our vet and suspected health issues will need to be resolved.