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Jordan has been adopted

Jordan’s pull fee has been sponsored by Sarah B.

Dear Future Family

It is me Jordan, you can also call my Jordo if you like, I like that name better actually. I have been with my foster family for a while now and am trying my best to be a really good boy so that you can find me soon. Foster mom has lots of really nice things to say about me and I know she will help me find the perfect home.

I love to go for hikes and learn new things. Foster mom says that I need a home with rules and boundaries because they help me be the very best dog. She is also looking for a home for me that has owned some big dogs before and can be a calm and confident owner. I am house trained and try my best to be good in my foster home. When foster mom goes to work, she puts me in my crate and I wait for her to come back so that we can have more fun together! I know it is important for people to go to work but I would really like a home where someone can be home with me most of the time.

There are 2 other dogs in my foster home, when I first met them I was pretty excited and maybe scared them a little bit because I am young and a pretty big boy, we are really good friends now though. My foster mom has been taking me for walks in town so I can meet lots of dogs. I just get so excited when I see new dogs but I’m learning to sit and wait for them to come to me although that is really hard sometimes, because they look so nice and I bet they all want to play with me. There are also cats at my foster home, we are not friends though. I do not think I would like a home with a cat very much at all, I think people should just own more dogs instead.

My perfect day would start with a nice long hike, followed by some training to help me learn to be a good boy, my foster mom says I’m one of the quickest learners she has ever met! Then maybe we could have some cuddles and another hike, maybe a car ride too I like those and am really good in the car. Foster mom says I am pretty good on my leash as long as you are using a special gentle leader, I much prefer running off leash though. Foster mom says my recall is great, it’s because I really, really love her and like to be near her all the time! We have the best time on our hikes together its my favorite part of the day!

I am looking for a family that will love me and understand I’m young and still have lots to learn, but am also looking for my very best friend. I would like to go everywhere with you and hear you tell me every day what a good boy I am!

If you come to meet me, I might bark a bit before I know it is you at the door. I have a big loud bark and sometimes I scare people. I do not mean to, I’m just saying “hi” but maybe they think I’m yelling. Foster mom says once people meet me though they realize I am just a big baby.

I cannot wait to meet you and go on lots of adventures

Your buddy