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Jordan has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet A., in celebration of her sweet Kelly’s 5th Adoption Anniversary



You know that look, when you’re looking into the eyes of an old soul? That’s Jordan. He has this wiseness about him and a look of acceptance and love.

Jordan seems to love everyone. Young people, old people, short, tall, man or woman. Gets along well with his foster siblings, both dog and cat. Although he can be a little choosy who plays with his toys, this can be corrected verbally and then life goes on.

Jordan can be a bit of a singer, and he is loud and proud. So an apartment, condo or town-home would not be ideal.

He does love his foster family fiercely and has shown a bit of separation anxiety. It’s improving as he learns how the life of a working family is. They leave, but they come back. His foster mom feels that he was never really shown much, as he doesn’t know any tricks or commands, so it may be that he’s clinging to the attention he now gets.

Jordan is low energy but does enjoy his walks. He’s a little unsure about expectations on a leash. He’s not bad, just seems that no one took the time with him to teach him to stroll along on a leash, so he wanders.

Jordan would do best in a home with another dog who is respectful of space, or with a cat. We feel he would do well in any family situation. This boy is overweight and would benefit from an adopter who will be dedicated to a regular exercise routine. Several walks a day, balanced diet with low calorie treats. He really needs to get the weight off and keep it off. While Jordan is a great cuddler and will try and convince you that couch naps are a better idea than a walk around the block, we truly need someone committed to helping him achieve his weight loss goals.

If an easy going companion, is what you’re looking for then you will enjoy this guy.

Jordan was lovingly fostered by Dione