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Jolene is adopted

Jolene / Female / Spayed / Beagle / 31 Lbs / 5 Years Old /Adoption fee: $400.00


Jolene has recently arrived into rescue and she has quickly left her unhappy past behind her
and is a joyful, loving girl. We do not know why Jolene ended up in a shelter but we do know
that the month she spent there left her quite depressed and fearful. Jolene was quite
overwhelmed when she first arrived by all of her foster siblings and the strange new people but
by the following day she was much more settled and her sweetness and affectionate nature
Jolene has bonded very strongly to her foster mom and when she greets her she is so excited
that she dances. She likes to be close by and is a world class cuddler. After some initial
hesitancy, Jolene is getting along well with her foster siblings and she has not shown any issues
with guarding food, treats, or toys. Jolene would do fine as an only dog or with other dogs but
would most likely prefer a canine sibling who is on the laid back side like she is. While in
temporary foster care, Jolene was with cats and she was excellent with the

Beagles are amazing, loving, intelligent dogs and Jolene will be an amazing companion and
would do well in many scenarios. I do feel she would be fine with older, respectful children. If
she could tell us her wish list I believe Jolene would ask for a home where she would not be left
for long periods of time, a fenced in yard, and people who would give her the attention and
affection she thrives on.
Jolene is a very solid and sturdy girl and she walks very nicely on lead. She does love to have
her nose to the ground like all beagles and these are not dogs that should ever be off lead
unless in a safe, enclosed area. Given her somewhat timid nature I would not recommend off
leash parks for Jolene at this time.
Listed as a beagle mix I am not sure what she is a beautiful combination of but my best guess is
she might have some basset hound in her and perhaps a bit of terrier to account for her more
slender snout. Jolene has the most soulful eyes and they radiate back a lot of love. Whoever
does adopt Jolene will be the recipient of this love and they will have the sweetest of girls in
their life.

For more information on Jolene, please contact her foster mom Roz at

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