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Hi! I’m Joey and I am THE happiest boy! Big smiles all the time!! Check out my YouTube launch:

I love to cuddle beside you, take long naps, and I want all the pets and belly rubs! I’m very gentle and very calm. Except when I’m happy dancing to the door, the car or the food dish! I’m great in the house. At my new foster home I like playing guard dog! I listen for all the noises and I like watching at the window. I have a funny little howl and growl that makes my foster mom laugh.

Do you want to be my buddy and hang out together? Because of my arthritis I don’t even need walks! I’m happy going in the backyard. I also love car rides, visiting people and people watching on patios. I’m super good at staying on my bed or in my stroller. I even ride nicely on my new foster mom’s mobility scooter. I can hang out wherever you want to be!

My ideal home is quiet without pets or young kids. Not many stairs. Able to give me my meds and give me lots of tender, loving care.

Foster mom’s notes:
Joey has the sweetest cuddle and gentlest kiss. He is a great low energy dog who loves to spend time with you. He spends much of his day napping on his bed and each evening cuddles beside me on the couch to get his doggie massage. He gets nervous going places in his stroller but after a bit of time and some pets from people he puffs up his chest and grins. He’s just the gentlest dog.

Joey has responded very well to his arthritis medications and supplements. This is a life long condition so Joey’s adopter should be willing and able to keep him comfortable. This includes a monthly injection that is very easy to do at home or it can be done at the vets.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only