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Joey has been adopted!

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Sweet, gentle dog seeks people to love. Don’t let my handsome, well mannered gentleman appearance fool you. Inside I’m a butt wiggling happy guy who will have you in stitches! Living room dance party? Check. Romantic evenings curled up with a movie? Check. Great listener and coffee shop aficionado? Check and check! ✅✅✅ I’m not a very forward fella but I give kisses when I’m sweet on you. And yes, my fur is as scrumptious as it looks. Massages and snuggles welcome!

Likes: dog bed hopscotch, short strolls in the backyard, dinner parties, blueberries in yogurt, long naps and stroller rides
Dislikes: long walks and ruckous

Check out a video of Joey here:

Please read carefully the information at the bottom. Joey is an easy going guy but has some specific needs in a home for his arthritis.

Joey is a sweet and easy dog, well loved by his foster parents and everyone he meets. He is very people oriented. Really happy with any attention from his humans. He looks nervous meeting new people, might even shake, but after a few pets from new friends he puffs his chest up and grins. So proud of himself!

Multiple times a day, Joey goes out on leash to wander around his space. He would love a fenced area to explore but is just as happy in the common area of his townhouse. At first he was nervous of all the cars, people and open space. His favourite thing was running back to the door to get inside! But with time and patience, he is going farther, smelling new smells and getting braver at approaching the strangers. Dogs, no thanks, he turns straight for the door!

A few times a week, Joey goes for a car ride or a stroller ride. His favourite destinations are Chapters, Homesense and foster Grandma’s but he’s happy with an around-the-block stroller outing too. He’s pretty sure everyone goes to the store just to see him. When the crowds gather (and they do!) and someone is done petting, he lets the next person know they should hurry up and lay some lovin’ down. This gives him extra mental enrichment without too much exercise because he’s still a young guy. But his foster mom thinks that a house where he gets to follow people around and gets to hang out in the yard will also feed his needs. He does sing the song of his people but so far he hasn’t bothered the neighbours.

Joey’s favourite part of his day is mealtime. He loves his kibbies and does a bouncing dance on his back legs. He runs to every enrichment toy to check to see where foster mom left the kibbies. His favourites are a light red ball with a hole and take away bags (without napkins or he’ll eat them!). Because his food is mixed with Omega 3 oil and powder or a crushed pill, foster mom also leaves the bowl with some kibbies so he can lick that clean!

It’s important Joey stays at a good weight for his joints. Fortunately it’s easy too! Joey likes antlers, yogurt, fruit, even veggies! Joey loves to chomp on a baby carrot or an apple slice. Today he had frozen yogurt with blueberries. He was over the moon with that treat. Truth be told, it was frozen for him yesterday but an ice cube dropped and he was so excited he took it to his bed and was super pleased with himself. Did we mention he’s easy to please?

Joey is good when left at home. He knows ‘go to your bed’ and will happily bark at the window and nap till you get home. When wiggles will erupt! In the house, Joey happily hopscotches from dog bed to dog bed to couch and human bed. He never makes a mess unless he finds an empty paper towel roll to rip. Once in awhile, he does zoomies from bed to bed and he loves it if you will play ‘got your paw!’

Joey is doing really well on medications and supplements (@$120/month INCLUDING supplements). This includes a monthly injection that is very easy to do at home or it can be done at the vets. As Joey ages, adjustments to his medications and supplements can be made to help keep him happy and comfortable. Please see letter from vet in photos below.

This is a life long condition so Joey’s adopter should be willing and able to keep him comfortable with regular veterinary care and lifestyle adjustments. His foster home has plush dog beds, mats on hard floor areas, minimal stairs and dog stairs/ramps that all help Joey keep the stress off his joints. Joey’s best home has no young kids or dogs, no stairs and lots of tlc.