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Joey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Steph in honour of three spoiled rescue Beagles


Joey and Phoebe were unwanted puppies that were surrendered to our rescue. These three month old puppies were dirty, underweight and frightened when they arrived.

These two pups soon came out of their shells and began to explore, discovery toys and develop a love for bouncing through the snow! They’re the silliest puppies to watch jump around and tackle each other. They are curious and playful with the other foster dogs in the home and take social cues from them very well.

They are less and less nervous of their foster mom each day. They love the sound of her voice, and dance on their back legs with excitement when she talks to them. They still approach cautiously and while they don’t “enjoy” being picked up, they’re getting better with it. If something in their environment frightens them, they try to hide under your feet or snuggle in close if they’re on your lap or in your arms.

These guys are very curious, very active and love to play and be silly. You can’t help but smile when you watch them in action. They are just learning about house training. They’ve taken to going on newspaper well, and are keeping the rest of their area clean. They also do their business when you take them outside. They’re smart, so it shouldn’t take them long to get the idea.

We are told the father is a small/mini border collie and the mom is a tiny terrier mix. We can’t say for sure their full grown size, but to guess: Joey will probably not be more than 25 – 30 lbs and the female will not be more then 20 – 25 lbs. This is a guess based on their size at 3 months.

Joey is more active and outgoing in his play. He is quite a little character and has a “look at me!” attitude. He has longer hair like a border collie, he has mainly black and white fur, with a small bit of brown markings. His nose and face have the collie look as well. He is going to be good with other dogs and will want a mate that enjoys a lot of playing and won’t mind his puppy antics.


Joey was lovingly fostered by Colleen