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Jezebel has been adopted


Sponsored with love by Tracie K. 



Jezebel has been the best behaved, loving dog since coming to “We the North!”.

Jezebel is a 28 lb, 3 year old Beagle/Heeler cross.  She might have a little Corgi in her as well but don’t let those legs fool you!  Jezebel loves to go out and is always ready when you say WALK.  Jez, as her foster family tends to call her is a well behaved, loving dog who is great with other dogs, cats, big people and little people(children).

Jez does not bark when people come to the door but she will bark to tell you that she needs to go out.  Jez has not had any accidents in the house.  She is currently being crated at bedtime and sometimes during the day if her foster mother has to go out.  I think she would prefer to sleep on the bed, what dog wouldn’t but does not bark and sleeps throughout the night in her crate.

Jez curls up on her doggie mat beside the couch and watches television with her foster mother and is very relaxed.

Jezebel is a midsize dog and a fenced in yard would be great or parents who don’t mind going on 2 or 3 walks a day and taking her out when as needed.  She will be fine in a house or an apartment.



Jezebel was lovingly fostered by Debra