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Jet has been adopted!

Sponsored by fellow Nordic mix, ABBA and her family



Jet is ready to take off!

Jet is full of life and energy. He is curious and playful and loves to be around people. Give Jet some chew toys or a ball and he is ready to play! He loves a good belly rub and the occasional snuggle! Jet has been staying with one bigger dog and a smaller dog and doesn’t seem to mind who he is with as long as they are friendly and willing to play and can keep up with his energy.

At 9 weeks, Jet is already working hard on his potty-training. He likes to go as soon as he wakes up and if he’s at the door he’s looking to go! He is even starting to respond to a quick whistle sometimes when it is time to go back inside.

Jet is an active fellow who would be best placed in a home with a fully fenced yard when he can run and play. He will need a family can provide the daily exercise he needs. Jet is a vocal puppy who has found his bark and husky howl, so he will benefit from someone who can patiently remind him to use his inside voice as he grows. Like most northern mix dogs, he’s smart and will be loyal to his family.

Check out this video of Jet:

Jet was lovingly fostered by Shari