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Jenny has been adopted!

Jenny has been sponsored with love by Nicolle


Jenny came to us in a bit of a mess. She was very anxious and at first we had no idea why. She was unable to settle herself, she walked in circles when things caused her conflict. She also seemed completely unable to settle in a home environment, so we reached out to Carmella at Doggytime Canine Care & Rescue for help.

After careful evaluation, it seems as though Jenny was most likely kept in a crate or pen up to this point in her life. Having very little experience with open spaces, Jenny would get anxious and begin to circle and circle. She avoided stairs, having likely never climbed them before. Her body lacked the normal muscle mass from not moving around as she should have been able to. She soiled her area, having never had the opportunity to go elsewhere.

Jenny has been with Carmella since October of last year and almost 10 months later, with a lot of love and guidance, she has graduated and is ready to find a very special forever family that will love and understand her.

Carmella and Jenny have put together a list of things for potential adopters to know and consider:

– Good health 40 lbs, vaccinated and spayed (does require specific supplements to help with stress/muscle function, as Jenny presents with minimal PTSD)
– Walks well on leash with no reactivity to other dogs/people
– Quiet girl with good recall and no prey drive
– Medium energy level, enjoys playtime and walks, but also loves to relax and get pets
– Dog and cat friendly

Jenny’s favourite things:
– walks, praise and getting brushed
– treats, treats and more treats!
– lots of toys
– classical and country music, snuggles and a dreamy nap after a yummy meal

Jenny’s Dreamhome Wishlist:
– A home in a rural or suburban setting which isn’t too noisy or busy.
– A home with a fully fenced yard.
– A family without young children (older calm teens would be okay).
– A family who work from home or work alternate house to ensure that Jenny wouldn’t be left unattended for more than 3-4 hours per day. A reputable dog walker could also be an option if work hours are long.
– A home with a balanced dog is preferred. Dog savvy cats are fine.
– A family willing to commit to ensuring Jenny gets at least 2 good walks per day and plenty of physical and mental stimulation.
– Someone who understands that Jenny requires regular brushing for her thick, long coat. She enjoys the rake comb!
– Someone with previous dog experience, dedicated to continuing her education and providing regular rules and boundaries.
~ A family willing to continue feeding Jenny the Raw Diet she’s come to know and love, as well as providing the necessary supplements for as long as required (Melatonin, Mucle Tonic, Phytoplankton)
– A family who understands that Jenny may never be a “normal” dog due to her PTSD and are willing to give her the love , patience and stability she deserves.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only