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Jenny is receiving extra TLC – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in loving memory of Gizmo, our pawfect friend we’d meet on our park walks. We’re going to miss our half way pit stop with you Gizmo, but we know you’re playing with our Bear at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love Daisy, Tulo and Abbey


Jenny is a sweet senior who needs a calm home to retire in. When she came into rescue, we discovered she was diabetic. Jenny is currently on 2 shots of insulin per day, with a controlled diet. Over time, Jenny has also become blind due to the diabetes. She knows her way around her foster parents home and can go outside to the fenced in back yard and then back in on her own. All stairs in her foster parents home are gated off or have a closed door.

Jenny is good in the car, loves to be close to her humans and loves being outside in the sunshine. Jenny is adjusting well to her new circumstances. She lives with other dogs her own size and bigger and she does well with them. When her foster parents leave the home, she is put in a pen so that she does not hurt herself. When her foster parents are home, she has free range of the house. Jenny will sleep in her pen, or at the foot of her foster parents bed.

Jenny has improved greatly since she arrived and we are just doing final tweaks on her insulin dose. Jenny needs a dental and we hope that can happen soon. Once that is done this extra sweet girl will be ready to find her special family.

Do you think you can provide a loving home for this sweet, gentle, snuggly girl?

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only