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Jenna has been adopted!

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This is Jenna, a sweetheart who will melt your heart with her big brown eyes and be a welcome addition to the right family.

Jenna is a Beagle mix, weighing 32 lbs and in very good health. She is spayed and her immunizations are current. She is a bit on the thin side, but with good meals and a secure environment, she will soon be at her normal weight. She does love her meals and treats, and anyone else’s if she can get it! Jenna is fully house trained and not prone to excessive barking.

This calm, sweet, gentle girl comes to us from Boone County Animal Shelter in Kentucky which was unable to supply background information. The trip in was stressful and overwhelming for her, causing her to shut down. In these situations, she puddles down and lays flat out and will not move. Gentle words, some petting and treats of course, work wonders to gain her cooperation. She has been in her foster home 3 days and these incidents are almost nonexistent now.

Jenna currently lives with her foster mom, three dogs and 2 cats. She loves to be with her foster mom and follows her from room to room. She gets along extremely well with everyone, but maintains a healthy respect for the cats! She loves to play with the dogs, but can be overwhelming to the 2 little ones, who will let her know and she will back right off. She loves to chase and wrestle with her bigger foster sister. She loves to chase toys and chew them, but she is just learning to play with them.

In no way does Jenna strive to be dominant with animals or people – she just wants to be loved. Jenna loves to be praised and receive attention – especially belly rubs. If you stop, she will paw the air for more. She is such a happy girl, always wagging her tail.

She seems to be more comfortable being outside but is definitely getting used to inside amenities: sleeping on the couch or big fluffy dogs’ bed. At night she likes to sleep in her foster mom’s bed with the other dogs. Stairs are a bit difficult for Jenna but she mastered the 4 steps into the house, and out again, within a day. Doorways with doors attached is another area of which she is uncertain. She is lacking in a knowledge of or exposure to basic behaviors, although she is starting to understand the word No! Leash walking seems to overwhelm her, but a harness seems to be more acceptable.

Jenna is still very much a puppy and her curiosity can sometimes lead her into trouble, like shredding a box of Kleenex, a spool of thread, a few bites out of a magazine or notebook. In short taking anything she can reach, edible or not, and she will chew it! She is being crate trained for those times her foster mom is out.

Jenna is very intelligent and learns quickly from either the other dogs or her foster mom who is teaching her the word No. Jenna would greatly benefit from going to formal training with her new forever family. A fenced yard is a must as she is very quick. She would love to have another canine sibling to play with, but one closer to her in size or a bit larger. Cats are not an issue with Jenna. I have not seen how she interacts with children yet, but think she would enjoy them, but would be watchful of rough playing. Her forever home should be puppy-proofed so her curiosity does not get her into too much trouble.

Jenna is a pure joy to foster and I know will bring the same to her forever family.



Jenna was lovingly fostered by Jackie.