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Jelly has been adopted!

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Peanut, Jelly and Honey came from come from an Indigenous reserve in Northern Ontario. They were rescued by a group that works with Northern communities. Save Me Rescue is proud to be a partner in finding amazing forever homes for these puppies.  These puppies are called ‘Nordic mixes’. They often have a combination of Husky, Shepherd and Lab in them but you never know quite what you are going to get!  In our experience, they grow into dogs with lovely personalities who do best with active families.

Jelly is a very laid back puppy who enjoys observing the shenanigans of her brother and sister. She is independent and seems to make her own fun if no one else wants to play. She has a soft heart and adorable eyes, paired with unique little eyebrows. She has a fluffy soft coat, which may or may not stay into her adult years.

Jelly and her siblings have been doing really well with this house training skills already! They keep their area tidy, provided they are taken to the yard every 2 hours. They cannot hold it over night yet, so there is typically some cleanup involved each morning. All three have learned to do their business as soon as they’re outside and also happily run back into the house after their foster mom. This is a smart trio! They are destine to be intelligent dogs who will require training and tasks to keep them healthy and balanced. They also have a lot of energy already, so will require an active family that will include them in their recreation time.

Peanut, Jelly and Honey were said to be born on June 28th. They have had their first set of vaccinations and are on their second dewormer.

While Jelly is accepting applications, she will not be ready to go home until  August 25th. She will be 8 weeks old at that time.

Jelly was lovingly fostered by Colleen