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Jazzy is adopted!

Jazzy / Female / Spayed / Shih Tzu Mix / 8 years old / 25-30 Lbs / $300.00


Jazzy came into our care with siblings Basil and Sandy as a result of a change in their family’s situation. All three, spent the first few years of their lives as breeders in a puppy mill. They were adopted by their owner a few years ago and have lived together since. Although they have lived together the past few years we have made the decision to adopt them out separately as its very important they go to homes with another well balanced dog to learn from. Even though they have lived out of the mill for a period of time, they are still very shy and slow to trust. The good news is, since placing them in separate foster homes with strong canine examples they are really advancing, and literally becoming more confident by the day.

Jazzy would do best in a forever home with one or more canine siblings. She will need a quiet patient home who will give her the time she needs to adjust and become comfortable. At the moment she prefers to hang o

ut in the background but is always keeping an eye on her foster mom and the other dogs in her foster home and often following them around. She are still nervous of being touched and tend to freeze, but our hope is that with continued positive experiences she will learn to not only tolerate but enjoy being touched. She has so much potential and is such a happy girl, that we are excited for what her future holds.

Jazzy is house trained and generally quite overall. She enjoys leash walking and exploring the backyard. Jazzy also really seems to enjoy riding in the car! We’ve been told she is used to regular grooming and is behaved while there, they just need to go slow and steady.

She will sit with her foster mom on the couch during TV time, but she have to pick her up and put her there. They are currently working with her on handling and petting, a little at a time! She listens well to commands and always seems to be in a happy mood.
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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!